Delete Porn

Delete porn from your computer

Delete Porn

Why you should delete porn history files

Like visiting adult sites, watch porn photos, videos, clips?
Do you know that your computer is spying on you?!

Your computer stores all tracks of your computer activity - list of websites you visited, images you seen, videos and clips you downloaded, applications you used, files you opened - everything you do on your PC.

Don't want your boss, co-worker or spouse see what you've done on your PC?
Prevent your computer habits from becoming public knowledge.

Want to permanently delete porn files, movies, images, clips and other porn history tracks from your computer?

Looking for the ULTIMATE tool to delete all porn history files from your computer?
Clear All History - delete porn history with one click
Clear All History is the best delete porn history software to permanently delete porn history, clear porn tracks and clear porn files from your PC.

Whether you are a newbie or an advanced user, Clear All History satisfies your needs. Using Clear All History you can delete porn history with one click!
Want to delete porn history automatically? No problems! With advanced scheduler it is really easy!
With Clear All History you can be sure your PC is porn free
Delete porn history tracks quickly, safely and easily
Delete porn history forever

Privacy Protection Software

Delete Files Permanently

Your hard drive stores every porn file you've ever deleted!
Do you know that if you delete porn files using 'Delete' button and even empty Recycle Bin, deleted porn files are not completely removed from PC.

Delete Files Permanently

Delete Files Permanently enables you permanently delete porn files and wipe free space to permanently delete already 'deleted' files without any chance of recovery
Hide Any Window

Don't want others to see what sites you are viewing in your browser, what programs you are running, etc?

Hide Any Window

With Hide Any Window you don't need to worry about being caught by your boss, co-worker or spouse when you visit porn sites, watch porn movies and clips - just press hotkeys to immediately hide unwanted windows and programs
Protect your privacy and hide sensitive information from prying eyes

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